Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Pictures

These are just random catch up pictures and vidoes.  I've done several posts if you want to look back through them.

 Jaron and Auri are getting to be good buddies.
 I don't know why they thought it was so funny to put cucumbers on their eyes, but it made me smile.

 Jaron loves Ranch dip.  He would probably just eat it plain if I let him, well, that's usually how it goes down anyway since he licks it all off the carrots before he eats them.

 We made some giant batches of bubble bread on the morning that we went to Pine Valley

 Logan and Jaron hanging out.
 We did some fireworks for Pioneer Day in my parents backyard.

 We are starting to get into some good bedtime reading habits.  I love that my boys love to read and look at books.

 We've been able to sample many snow cone flavors down here.  When we are bored, we usually go get a snow cone.

 We have loved going to the parks.  Now that Logan has started school we might have to make Saturday the special park day.

 I love that Bear.

Pine Valley

We spent a Saturday at Pine Valley and the boys were in heaven.  We went with the whole family, so it was even more fun with cousins.  We went on a little hike to the reservoir and back to the camp/picnic site.  We all brought up tinfoil dinners that were delicious and fun.  The kids built cities with tinfoil and pinecones and other things they found with Grandma.  It was amazing.  I'm hoping next summer we'll get to do some actual camping up there.  I love being outdoors and I love that my boys love it too.  Until next time...


One of the main reasons for the move to St. George was to have a better quality of life in being able to spend more time together as a family so we are trying to take advantage of all the great places down in Southern Utah.  As a little girl I went camping at Gunlock.   We decided to go for a drive out there one day when Morgan got home early.  It was really fun.  I forgot how gooey yucky muddy the shore was at the actual reservoir, but the kids still had fun.  We were able to find a rock that went out into the water, so it was too bad.  It was so fun to just get up a go do something and still be back home at a decent time for dinner.  We were back home and getting dinner by the time Morgan would usually be getting home up in Lehi.  We are so grateful for this job change and the opportunities it has brought us.  Until next time....

Ada comes to visit

A few weeks ago, my brother came to help out in the shop and brought his sweet little Ada.  The boys absolutely adored her.  I'm mostly posting all these pictures for Ty and Rachel's sake.  :)  They had a lot of fun.  It's hard to have so many cute nieces and not have a girl of my own, but I love that my boys are so sweet with them.  Maybe someday ;) or I'll just have to love my nieces to pieces until they hit the drama years, right?  I'm glad we got to see them and hope we get to go visit down in San Diego soon.

Happy Birthday Tragon

I can't believe Tragon is finally 3!  He's so much taller than my other boys that for a moment I thought he was turning 4 this year.  Whew!  We had a fun time with all the cousins playing in the water and decorating cupcakes and just having lots of fun together.

He got some fun toys to play with, which was good because I left most of our toys in storage, so now they have something to play with.  :)

Tragon definitely has some spunk.  He is our funny guy and can almost always make us laugh.  He is a very curious little monkey too with a bad habit of going deaf sometimes.  He's a tough little cookie and loves to play rough.  He's a collector of objects and loves to get ALL the toys out.  He still likes Thomas the Tank Engine, but has started liking Skylander Giants due to the influence of his older brothers.  He loves to watch shows and I can always count on getting a few things done during quiet/tv time.

I can't imagine our family without our Trager-ager.  We love you Tragon!