Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Briefly Long Re-Cap Part 2

So to continue from the last post.  In our temporary basement apartment we had all the boys in one room for a while, but it was getting a little frustrated with this little guy...Tragon.  He is my night owl, especially if he gets any sort of nap during the day.  We were finally able to get the boys separated and keep Logan/Damon and Tragon/Jaron.  Jaron usually goes to bed first and is asleep before Tragon even goes in and he will usually stay asleep through all Tragon's shenanigans.

We love getting snow cones and I think we have gotten one almost everyday since we moved here.  Never again will I let them get blue raspberry though.  :)  I think he woke up with a blue mouth too.  He loved it though, I'm a huge fan of the invisible flavors though. Invisible Grape and Cherry don't have any dye in them, thus only a sticky mess instead of a sticky and stained mess.
We were playing in the backyard and Tragon thought it would be a good idea to dump a bucket of ash and dirt on Jaron.  Surprisingly Bear didn't seem to mind...until I got him down to his diaper and had to hose him off.  His hair went black from all the soot and ash as I was cleaning him off.

I hope the videos worked out.  Just some random stuff from our last few weeks.  I'm really looking forward to getting settled down here again, I'll be doing good if we can find a house by Christmas.  :)  Until next time....when I have more detailed and fun posts.....

Briefly Long Re-cap Part 1

So, a lot has happened since the last post.  The biggest being we moved to St. George.  A once in a lifetime job opportunity became available and we took it.  We had always talked and joked that St. George would be a perfect place to work.  It would be a lot slower paced, good commute wherever you live, etc.  So when it came up we took it.  It's been pretty crazy ever since.  

We put our Lehi house up for sale and had a couple negotiations fall through.  We finally got under contract the day we were moving out.  We hope it sticks even though we have hit a few bumps along the way.  We've settled in a temporary place until we can finalize our Lehi sale and purchase a home down here.

It was record heat the week we moved down and I was getting a little nervous, but now that we are only getting up to about 104-107 it doesn't seem nearly as hot as 113.  It was probably a good thing for my sake that the weather ended up that way.  The heat was one of my biggest worries in moving down here.

At one point during all the craziness, my uncle also passed away.  I was going to make a solo trip to St. George to go to the Memorial service and of course all my kids got sick that week.  I ended up taking them all in to see if they had strep, fortunately none of them had strep so I felt okay leaving them with Morgan.  He even braved Logan's t-ball game and picture day alone with all the kids.  What a guy!

The following week was my high school reunion, so we decided to rent a truck and take a load of stuff down to a storage unit.  I'm glad we did because it made the final move much easier.
We got to be there for a birthday party for my niece and we got to play with Grandma and cousins which now is an almost everyday occurrence.  I am so grateful for my family and that we are close right now, it has made this move and change so much smoother for my boys.

Jaron broke our A/C the day we moved too.  Apparently there is a safety feature that shuts it off if it gets turned off and on too much.  Well, Bear liked to get up on the piano and push buttons.  When the piano bench is against the wall he could reach the A/C box.  Oh boy.  At least we had moved because it was record heat up there and the A/C people couldn't get out there for a few days anyway.

Before we left we got to go to the Hadlock Reunion and see everyone.  It was really fun and the boys did great.  We also decided that we needed to use our free vouchers for a Salt Lake ReAl game before we left.
The boys absolutely loved it and shouted at the top of their lungs with the crowd.

And some random pictures trying to make Bear happy with the phone.

Overall we have had a lot of changes in our life and I know the Lord has directed our path, hasn't made it easy or smooth by any means, but in the end things have always worked out and I have faith that they will continue to do so, even when we get a little discouraged by things.  Until next time.....