Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 25th - 31st

 I found this quote in a Jeffrey R. Holland book I'm reading and I really like it.  I'm so glad that I have someone by my side through thick and thin.  I have the best husband in the whole world.  And I know my Savior is always there too.
 I still haven't figured out the best way to handle Tragon's temper and moods.  For some reason this worked though, I just kept taking pictures of his grumpiness.....

 ...and eventually he couldn't hold back the smile.  He though it was pretty funny to see himself go from grumpy to happy.
 We had some neighbor friends come over to do a babysitting swap for a temple date.  We were trying to wear them out so we were having foot races in the back yard.
 Jaron and Emmett are good buddies, but we have to keep them separated in primary, they can get pretty wild those two.  :)

Logan and Damon went to a swimming birthday party, we put sunscreen on, but I guess we didn't rub it in well enough and it soaked into his shirt leaving a really bad sunburn, The pictures don't do it justice.  We put a lot of lavender oil on it and most of it was gone the next day, there was a small patch on his shoulders though that turned into a really bad burn and scabbed over.  He sure was a trooper with the burn.

School is getting closer and closer and so is our Hadlock Family Campout.  The boys are stoked, they have been complaining about not going camping all Summer.

Until next time....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 18th - 24th

Tragon had some pretty rough days recovering from his surgery, but was doing well enough to forge ahead with his birthday plans.  :)

 Damon perfected the art of penguin slip and slide.  He had quite the technique.

 Sabrina came to visit us before she went back home to Germany.  She had been in the US for about a year and only had a few more days before home and we were lucky enough to have her come stay with us for a few days.
 We decided that we wanted to show her something very unique to St. George, so of course we thought of Tuacahn.  Luckily we were able to find some discount tickets for Tarzan.  It was really cool.  Part of Tragon's birthday was that the older boys got to go with us.  They really liked it, they just wished it was a little shorter.  :)

 Sabrina's visit seemed so short, but it was so nice to see her and catch up.  I'm sure our paths will cross again.
 This little blip came from a late night from Logan when we wouldn't let him stay up late to watch a soccer game.  Oh man I love my kids, but I am really looking forward to school starting, we are ready for a new routine.
 We got a toothpaste dispenser hoping it would keep the bathroom a little cleaner...turns out it just consolidates the mess, but it's not too bad to clean up every so often if it means toothpaste lasting longer and not all over the counter.

 Cute Rylea Girl

 Tragon wanted all the cousins and family to come over for his birthday, so we had a family birthday party.  We did slip and slide and water games.  We had presents and donuts instead of cupcakes (best thing ever!)

 We managed to score some cheap desks from the school.  I'm hoping we can put them to good use once school starts so they each have a place to do their homework....maybe.
 Tragon scored big on Pokemon cards for his birthday and he couldn't have been happier.  He was so excited to put them all in his binder.

 Logan made Sabrina some fried eggs for breakfast one morning, he's so sweet and thoughtful.
 Just waiting for Tarzan to start.

 The other place that we had to visit was the Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon.  We went super early in the morning and took breakfast with us.  It was perfect.  We stayed until the sun hit the dunes and it got hot fast.

 I was impressed with how much energy the kids had to run around.  After hiking up one of the dunes to find a good watch tower spot, I was pooped.  I guess I better start running more again.

 Logan loved being buried in the sand.
 Damon had fun playing with his big wheel truck.
 Jaron was just all around crazy running around and rolling in the dirt.
 So was Tragon... :)

 Tragon got an airbrush marker kit for his birthday, they wanted to decorate t-shirts, but the marker was so washable that when we washed them they came out nice and white and clean.  Hahahahaha

 Rylea loves the iPad....way too much!

 And Rylea loves Sabrina.  She warmed up to her pretty fast.  It was really nice, she let me run a few errands without kids while she was here.
 Jaron was glued to Sabrina the whole time she was here.  He was always hugging her and playing games with her and always wanted her attention.  I think he has a crush on her.

It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of everyone before she left.

 This is how Tragon makes his breakfast.  That boy loves oatmeal, gratefully he likes the instant kind too.
 The same day we dropped Sabrina off we also met up with Kristen and couple of her kids to go swimming at Aunt Patty's

 It's been so fun to swim this summer.  They boys are getting better and I worry less and less each time.

Too many late nights.

 I love being able to do her hair a little bit.  She's our cutey cute cute.

 I love when the kids get grounded now because they have to earn points to be ungrounded and they end up getting a lot of work done so they can play with friends and electronics again.  Damon almost missed out on a sleepover, but worked his butt off to earn his points, I've never seen him work so hard.  Tragon wasn't as chipper when he got grounded and it took him longer, but in the end he still got it done.  I tell them all the time now that I want to ground them because I get a lot of work done when they are grounded.  :)

This Summer has just been flying by and it seems like school will be starting just around the corner.  We've made a lot of good memories this Summer.  Until next time....