Monday, July 18, 2011

This past month....

I thought I was only a week or so behind....not a whole month! So, here's a quick catch up. The boys love to play outside, especially when there is water and Popsicles involved. This was a little ramp we made with our rain gutter piece that keeps falling off. Then to top it off we stick the hose in it and it becomes a waterslide. I think we have done this at least 3-4 times a week for the last month.
The porch is the only place with shade in the afternoon after nap times, so that's where we play, in the morning it's still early enough that we can go for walks and bike rides.
And of course our afternoon treat is usually some sort of popsicle or otter pop. mmmmm, I love summer for that reason alone! I love how blue and bold Damon's eyes are, even if they are full of mischief.
His mouth is all blue from the blue popsicles we had that day. I tell you what, Shout spray and wash and me are best buddies right now. :)
Logan prefers the popsicles with sticks, but Damon would rather have an otter pop that he can bite...actually, he's probably good with anything really, but Logan always wants me to make his otter pop juice so he can just drink it. :)
Damon is still my little hooligan and trouble maker. His excuse lately for misbehavior is usually a very sincere, "but Mom, I have to." I know he's a boy and probably really can't help it, but if I have to clean up one more mess of toilet water all over the bathroom floor because he just had to fill up his cup and water the stools, so help me....
Tragon just puts up with all the craziness like a champ even though, he gets the brunt of negative attention. I don't think Damon intentionally tries to be mean, he's just a little territorial right now, so if Tra is even near him or turns in his direction he grabs his toys and screams. Tragon just thinks that's pretty funny.
Logan is my Mr. Information. He's always telling me some story about this or that and most of the time it's really fun to just sit back and listen, but when I'm trying to take a nap with the majority of the household it's not so cute, but I love that he craves information and I think he's going to love pre-school in the fall.
Tragon is pretty much walking now. He'll take about 10-15 steps and has really good balance, but just sits down anyway. He's been the most different learning to walk and boy is that kid a monkey. He just started standing up in the middle of the room and I thought he would just take off, but it took him a few weeks before he tried that first step and then rather than going to mommy or daddy, he took his first step towards the garbage can. :) He loves his walker too, I couldn't get the other boys to use it until after they were proficient walkers.
Damon's nursery leaders always comment how great his smile is and how good he is and how happy and I tell them, for as good and innocent as he looks, that's how mischievous and guilty he can get.
Tragon will be turning one year old tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have more to post on that after his birthday cake adventures and his stats from the doctor.
My garden has been doing well. I've been getting a lot of spinach, lettuce, and chard and I decided already that I don't like the chard and lettuce enough to plant it again next year. :) I have enjoyed the fresh salads though.
The spinach has been great in smoothies and the kids like it that way and then I feel like a good mom getting veggies in my boys and they are totally aware there is spinach in there and they still eat it. :) Our neighbors gardens are doing well too. We got together and had a neighborhood BBQ for the 4th of July and went down the street to watch the neighborhood fireworks before heading up to our place to watch the Thanksgiving Point fireworks from our front lawn. Our friends brought strawberries from their garden and they were so good! We had a fun 4th of July, we spent time with a lot of friends, played games, stayed up late and just had fun.
So, we got suckered into getting the Pass of all Passes thinking it would be such a great deal...not really a great deal, but now that we are stuck with them, we will make the best of it and get our money's worth. Part of the pass is free general admittance to all the Orem Owls games. We took the boys and they did good for a while, then they were restless, but luckily there is a playground right there and they loved it. Next time we go we'll sit closer to the playground so I don't spend the whole time in the play area. The game was really slow and we ended up leaving early and realized that most of the games are going to last until 10:00 or 11:00 at night since they start at 7:00 (our kids go to bed around 7-7:30 most nights) so it will definitely have to be a weekend treat when they have all gotten a good nap during the day.
Another fun activity we did was go to the splash park nearby. Our first attempt was a failure as a pump had just busted and they closed it down for a while, so we headed up to another one with more sprayers and much colder water. Needless to say, our kids hated the other one and refused to play, so after about only 5-10 minutes we decided to head back and see if everything was fixed or see if it would be worth it to just wait it out.
They had just fixed it as we got there and we had the whole place to ourselves...for about 2 minutes, then people started showing up, but our kids had a blast. I want a swimsuit like my boys, not necessarily Cars themed, but I like the shirts and I am bound and determined find one in my size. :)

We dried of a little in the sun and then headed home to change and decided that we didn't want to make dinner so we actually took the kids out on a date, we haven't been out to eat as a family since way before Tragon was even conceived, so it was pretty exciting for the boys. We went to the Pizza Cafe and it was alright, not the greatest but we all left fed and happy. The next day Logan kept saying, "Mom, it's time to go to the pizza cafe like we always do" I think it's a good thing we don't eat out a lot. Hahaha
I found the perfect place for Tragon to play while I clean the bathroom. I was scrubbing the sink and he just climbed right into the bathtub, so I let him play until I got to the tub part, then I got him out.
This boy loves water though, I feel bad I haven't taken him to the pool at all, I'm sure he would have a blast. He's always sticking his face in his bath water and blowing bubbles and splashing and trying to drink water and blow bubbles in his cup.

So recently we took some family pictures with our friend and should have some edited soon, so I'll post those later, but we're excited to have some good family pictures. I might actually get around to printing one and getting it framed and hung, wouldn't that be awesome?! And hopefully it won't be so long in between posts, I forget the funny little things that happen along the way when I do, but we've got some fun stuff coming up so until next time...