Friday, January 29, 2010

The Dentist

So this week...yesterday (Thursday) in fact I went to the dentist. Last time I came out of their office I vowed never to go back, was in tears, and seriously was ready to drive all the way to St. George back to my old dentist. I even told the babysitter (my awesome cousin MeChel who came up last minute - you don't know how much that meant to me! Thanks again!) to prepare for a total meltdown when I got home.

I'm not sure why I was even having such a hard time at the dentist, it was really bothering me, but it was almost like having anxiety attacks when I thought about it. And it's not that he was a bad dentist because I don't think that at all, well, maybe it had to do with the fact that the last time I visited it was to yank out a huge tooth in preparation for an implant of course. :)

I kept postponing the appointment, but knew I couldn't much longer because I wanted to take advantage of the insurance paying 100% (instead of 50% which is huge on a $2,000 procedure--and that's only for one of the three appointments--yikes) of course, I also wanted to make sure I was in the 2nd trimester when it's safer for all that stuff. Alright, cutting to the point of the story, there are 3 dentists where I go (if you really want to know where, ask me) and I had only seen the one. I saw a different one this time and seriously I was whistling (not really, my face was numb) and happy and totally ready to go back in 4 months for the final appointment of this procedure and no they didn't give me happy gas...couldn't...pregnant.

It was just a world of difference. I can't even really say exactly what it was that was different other than I felt like my dentist (yes my dentist now, I'm totally going back and requesting him again) empathized with how awkward and uncomfortable it really is to have three people's hands in your mouth at the same time, pulling, and drilling, and sucking out your spit and somehow that made me more relaxed. I'm also the type that likes to know how things are going and how far along we are and how much longer it will take and of course a few words of encouragement are also welcome, "you're doing great, hang in there, we're almost done" that sort of thing. (Yes, I do like to be treated like a child at the dentist, it makes me feel better). So, the short and long of it all, I used to hate going to the dentist, but now I don't. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Mother Moment

Well, it looks like Friday has become the latest blogging day, although, really I'm just trying to post at least once a week, or when something interesting the last 7 weeks, the kids will go down in the basement and watch a show while I'm taking a shower. It's pretty cold down there, so I had a space heater that would buzz if it got knocked over, so I didn't worry much. Everything else is very safe and baby-proof down there so I thought all was well. Until just a few days ago, the boys were getting a little braver and would touch the heater and I thought to myself, hmmm, it's probably not a good idea to have that down here unsupervised anymore, but the moment passed. So, on Wednesday, I'm up on the computer ( I wish I were doing something more noble, say, cleaning or cooking, or well, anything but basically wasting time) and I hear Logan say something about the heater. I don't worry about it, but I listen for the buzz if it gets knocked over. No buzz...everything's fine...not. I few seconds later Damon is crying and Logan is coming up the stairs saying, "What's that on heater mom?" I rush down to find flames lapping at the concrete floor (at this point I'm SOOOO grateful our basement isn't finished or this could have been so much worse). I tell the kids to get away and go upstairs and blow out the fire, in the process spreading ash everywhere. It wasn't really too major. The smoke alarms did go off and I had to open the basement windows for the rest of the day. The alarms terrified the kids most of all. Damon had dropped a set of play keys (well, real, but useless) in the heater, the plastic keychain, along with a hair thing and other flammable objects started the fire. Most of the keys were charred black. I have no idea how long it was sitting in there. My guess is that when Damon started crying it was because he dropped them and then tried to get them out and possibly burned himself a little (no evidence of that thankfully). So, the heater is ruined, but the kids are safe, lesson learned, NOTHING is safe in our house with Damon around. :)

"Damon did you put the keys in there?" "Uhhh, maybe?"
"I mean, who, me?"

On a happier note though Logan has a new kitchen fetish. He loves to push the chairs against the counter and find any utensil, bowl, whatever and say he has to cook. (Of course, now I have to find a new spot for all the steak knives). The latest was the bowl hats.
Logan thought it was the best hat in the world and would get so upset if it fell off. He would say, "no bowl hat, don't fall" My kids are great and teach me many wonderful things each day. Maybe by the time the third one comes around I might just have a few things figured out....but then again, I might not. Until next time....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hide & Seek, Bubble, and Bathtime

My boys can seem so innocent and cute most of the time, but I'm their mom and I know better! :) Lately we have to put EVERYTHING away in the closet before bedtime, especially the lotion, wipes and diapers that I usually keep well stocked in the changing table cupboard and dresser. Not so much anymore. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the first incident, but I was too upset. I wanted to go to bed and was exhausted and I had already been in there about 4-5 times to tell them to stay in bed and go to sleep. I could hear the boys in the room laughing and playing, so of course I went to check on them again and they were both covered head to toe in lotion, not to mention the globs of it all over the carpet and bed, and the floor littered with about 3 full packages of wipes. I was not very happy at all! Needless to say though, it took twice for that to happen before I figured out to just shove everything in the closet, which they have yet to be able to open, before bedtime or any naptime. So, for that really long story and explanation, the cupboard door of the changing table is always empty, except for when Logan and Damon are playing hide and seek, it's their favorite place to play now.

We can't even show the boys the camera without hearing a chorus of "cheese" so all their smiles are pretty goofy and I love it.
While we were playing hide and seek and getting ready for bed, they found the bubbles, I think Damon's top three loves in the world are: food, bubbles, and hugs & kisses. So, he got pretty excited.

Of course, another cheeser.

And Logan posing in the cupboard again.
I love giving my little man smooches.
And I love how he tries to give them back. We're still working on the whole, keep your mouth closed when you kiss thing. :) I don't mind the slobber too much though.

He was totally zoned into the bubbles for at least 20 minutes, which is like year to Damon.

Climbing out of the cupboard.

Logan's super cheesy, super goofy grin.

I love that my boys love to read. They'll spend quite a while going through all the books we keep in the storytime box. Logan likes to get the books and read them to Damon. He tries to teach him things. "Damon, this is the number 2" It's really cute.

but of course as soon as I pull out the camera to capture these precious moments, they get up and go for the camera.
And of course, it's been a while since we've done some bathtime pictures. I love bath time and so do the boys. They love to play. Logan especially loves to "swim" like he is there. And Damon loves to try and drink the water and throw the toys out.

Someday I'll get a normal eye open smile from Logan. :)

I think I was holding up a choo choo train toy, hence the huge smile on his face.

Good ol Logan.
Damon loves the "mirror" in the tub. It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but he's pointing to daddy in the "mirror" (but all you can see is his reflection)

And of course, giving himself kisses. Logan did the same thing when he saw himself in the I raising narcissists?

I just thought this was a cool picture because you can see the water droplets from the splash.

I made some cookies the other day for a Relief Society Activity. ( I LOVE our new ward). When Logan put on the mitts he kept saying, "I can cook now"

Damon thought it was pretty great too.
And finally, the red socks, this one is to you Grandma. When my parents stayed here over New Years, my mom left a pair of red socks and I found them the other day when I was picking up the basement and Logan was complaining of cold feet and wanted shoes. I didn't want to go upstairs and get some, so I just said, here, wear Grandma's socks. That kid would NOT take off those socks for anything. It was killing him just to have to take them off to take a bath and he refused to calm down until we put them on again over his jammies. I did finally get them off the next day, but not without some struggle. He sure loves his Grandma.
Oh yeah, it seems a little anti-climactic this time around, but baby #3 is on the way!!! I guess w moved just in time. I'm not very far along, only about 12 weeks-ish and I'm due the end of July. So far everything has been pretty good and I haven't been too sick, just really tired (can't imagine why when I spend my days with Logan and Damon). I'm sure I'll have more moments to add, but I better finish up this post before the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is over (Logan latest obsession). Until next time....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sledding in the New Year!

We had such a fun New Year! My little Damon is just getting bigger and bigger by the day and now seems like a little boy to me, but not worry, he's still just as clingy as ever. Usually when I'm trying to get Logan's shoes on, Damon gets jealous and wants me to hold him, so we have a battle of wits when we're trying to get out the door. Luckily he's so cute I can't stay frustrated for too long. And I do love it that he likes to snuggle a little more than Logan ever has. :)

For New Year's my parents came up and stayed with us. We have some awesome little hills with all the dirt piles from construction and my mom was dying to take the kids sledding and basically went all over town trying to find a sled. I'm glad she did because Logan and Morgan had a blast!

I went down a few times myself. It was just fun to be out playing in the snow. I forgot how much I like my snow pants.

Logan really liked sledding and being out in the snow. He would do really good until he fell or his hands got too cold.
Damon just loved being outside. He doesn't really like to walk in the snow, but he'll put around in front of our house on the sidewalk for hours.
Grandma got to build a snowman with them. Funny story about that, but you'll have to ask me in person, let's just say that my husband sometime acts about the same age as our 2 1/2 year old. :) We did have some fun snow ball fights though. It was perfect snow for it.

Logan on the sled again.
Despite the picture Damon did NOT like sledding. I think in another year he'll be there, but Logan was sure having a blast. I think we went twice. Once with Grandma and then my brother and his fam came down on New Years and hung out and we took them sledding, but of course I didn't get any pictures. Lincoln and Logan sure had a fun time though.

Mommy heading down the hill to get Logan. He insisted on carrying the sled back up. It was really cute.

Grandma and Logan went down a few times together too.

Papa even came out and joined the festivities. Damon is definitely a papa's boy and loves his grandpa. We had a great time and were glad to have some company to play games with and enjoy and welcome the New Year. I think it's going to be a great one!