Friday, September 30, 2016

September 25th - September 30th

Rylea is growing up too fast.  She has so many expressions.  She's getting really good at the pout and the sassy, but her smiles and laughter are still the best.

 Mother and Daughter

 Because I got a little behind on the blogging, so I don't really have a whole bunch to write about it.  The pictures are good enough though.  :)

 A sampling of Logan's writing.  He's a pretty good little writer.  :)

 Popsicles on a warm day are not a good combination with Rylea if the popsicle is too big.  This was not even the worst of it.  There was purple everywhere!
 Some of Damon's work

 Damon's school picture.  I love it!  It's so...him.  :)
 The boys wanted to put their LEGO creations in the LEGO magazine.  We'll see if it works out, we might have to find some better pictures.
 Logan was really excited about his light saber for donating to the money drive at school.
 I love that Rylea's hair is getting longer, it's fun to do.
 Jaron got his costume a little early, he's been wanting to be Bumblebee for a while and when we saw it, we couldn't resist.
 I love the cooler temperatures right now.  It's so fun to be outside more often.
Lots more fun adventures coming our way, I'm sure!  Until next time....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 18th - 24th

For Family Home Evening we had Otter Pops and Morgan got the last King Size Otter Pops.  They are a little bit too giant.  We love that the weather is getting better and we can go outside to play for our activity.

 We had a special weekend.  It was Damon's baptism.  It was such a beautiful day.  Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock came down for a few days.  I was so proud of my Damon for making the decision to be baptized.  He is such a good kid and we are so grateful to have him in our family.
 Damon also got to start Cub Scouts.  He has a good group of friends and I'm glad that he and Logan go at the same time, even though Logan is in a different group.  This way they can ride their bikes together.
 Of course after the boys saw Morgan up there, they all wanted to climb up too!

 Damon hit his face on I can't remember, but it got his teeth pretty good.  Everything healed fine though.
 Another picture of Damon's baptisms.
 Logan wanted to jump into that one.
I love when the kids get together and read and can play together without fighting.  I love my family so much.  Until next time...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 11th - 17th

Before we left for our little getaway last weekend, I had lost my watch.  I had let Rylea put it on and I forgot about it.  Later when I remembered, there was no way to know where it ended up.  Well, when Morgan went to go pick up the boys from Grandma's house, he found it!  I guess what had happened was Tragon fount it in the couch and had given it to Brittyn.  Then my mom noticed that it probably wasn't hers.  And then it ended up back with me.  Whew!  It's one of my favorite watches that my hubby gave me.  :)

 This was Tragon's aftwork puzzle from Primary today.  I'm trying to be better at taking pictures of their stuff to put in the book.
 We went for a Sunday walk to deliver some cookies today.  It was really fun, I love that the weather is cooling down, but you can still go out before it gets dark.  Sunday evenings are the best.  I'm looking forward even more to next year though when we have 8:30 and we will have all afternoon to do activities as a family.
 This little girlie girl of ours has had a hard time staying in her bed all night.  She keeps climbing in bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.  Sometimes we are awake enough to take her back to bed, but sometimes she does just end up falling back asleep by momma.  I remember a couple of my boys doing that too.
 Recently Logan earned his religious knot for scouting.  He completed all the requirements in is Faith in God book.  We are so proud of him.  He has done really well in scouts and has had some great leaders.  While I'm not super pro Cub Scouts, I think it has been a good thing for Logan.  We'll see how Damon does since he turns 8 this week and gets to start soon.
 Dang, I forgot to rotate the picture and now I don't know how in the blog, but the other day this was our reading time.  Damon was stretched out on the island and Tragon was curled up like a ball on the chair.  I love when we actually get to do reading time instead of feeling rushed to get to bed.

 Damon is 8!  I can't believe how much he has grown in this past year.  He does very well in school, is an awesome friend.  He loves Legos, video games...Minecraft especially, even though we don't own it.  He also has a very receptive Spirit and is a deep thinker and curious about things.  He has a need to know "why" and he's getting much better at controlling his temper.  He would do anything in the world for his little sister and can be one of the best friends to any of his brothers individually.  I got to take him to lunch at Brick Oven, we've had some free kid's lunch coupons so we decided that would be a fun birthday thing...the other boys were quite jealous, but they will get over it when it's their turn.  :)  Just before the food came Damon blurted out, Mom, this is a moment, we need to take a picture for the yearbook.  So sweet.  Thursday is the day my mom watches Rylea and Jaron, so it was a perfect to day to just be with Damon.  I had a lot of other things I really did want to do, but chose the best way to spend my day and I'm so glad.

 Apparently we need to work on letting go of pride, having more gratitude, and not being jealous at our house, because this is how the other boys felt on Damon's birthday.  It's really hard to balance being excited and happy for someone and not having everyone else feel like mud.  Again, a concept we need to work on at home.  How do you teach your kids that just because you are happy about something, doesn't mean your unhappy at something else.  Or just because you give one boy a compliment, doesn't mean you've said something negative about another.  Tough parent struggle.
 A while back my friend asked if we wanted to go to a paintnite.  You basically go to paint whatever painting is for the night and the instructor takes you through step by step.  Every since we did a little art in "summer school" I have wanted to do more art, so I went for it.

 I ended up really happy with how it turned out.  It's amazing how we can all start with the same canvas and painting, but then end up just a little different.  I learned so much and there were some things I could fix and some that I couldn't, but I feel endeared to those little "mistakes" now because I created this and it was so fun.  I want to do another painting now that has some purples in it so I can hang it in Rylea's room.  Then I'll make some for the boys too.  :)

 Saturday: The day of the friend birthday party.  Since the boys only get a friend birthday every so often, we try to make it fun.  I learned not to host a whole bunch of boys at your own home though after Logan's friend part.  :)  So, we decided to just go to a nearby park.  Brilliant.  Damon wanted to do a Nerf/Pokemon party.  I'm not really a party planner, it is a weakness of mine, but this party turned out to be really fun and tender mercies were all over the place, with timing and everything else.
 I should have taken pictures, but I forgot.  We had some poke ball targets you had to hit with the nerf gun and for every poke ball you hit, you got to throw a real poke ball (wiffle ball colored to look like a poke ball) at a picture of  a pokemon.  If you hit the pokemon, you won a pokemon card.  I probably gave out about 100 pokemon cards (found them fairly cheap on amazon).  The boys loved it.  They stayed busy in the line trading and talking pokemon and eating treats from the candy bowl.
 Jenny was fabulous and made this awesome nerf cake for Damon, the boys devoured the cupcakes.  And we saved the cake for was yummy.  After cake and presents (he totally got spoiled by his friends) we let them loose with all the nerf guns to have their own nerf war.  It didn't last too long and then they traded in darts and guns to take home a poke ball.  The weather cooled down a little bit, but it was still really hot.  We were very grateful that no one was using the pavilion
 Just as we were cleaning up and heading out another reserved group came, what a tender mercy that we didn't get kicked out during the party.  We were so grateful for the shade.  After we made sure everyone got home safe we came home and crashed.  It was a good end to a very long and busy week.
Damon has his Bishop's interview for his baptism later today.  I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming.  I'm so happy about his choice to be baptized.  We are so grateful to have each of our children in our family.  I can't imagine being without any one of them even as crazy as it gets sometimes.  I'm learning to go with the flow more and just live in the chaos.  I love my family!!  Until next time....