Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 24th - 31st

We had a blast over the Christmas holiday with lots of fun activities.  We went to the all abilities park again.  Winter is one of my favorite times in St. George.  It's not so cold that you can't go out and do something if you really want to.

 I forgot to rotate the picture before I uploaded, but Rylea was copying Papa and it was really cute.

 Morge was so close to a hole in one on the Sun River golf course during Christmas golfing with the guys.
 Damon loves his Millennium Falcon.  It took him almost all day on Christmas day, but he got it done.  Daddy helped a lot.
 Logan, Damon, Dayten, and Rhett decided to try the dirt hills after some wet weather.  They learned real fast that it was not a very good idea.  This was Logan's brand new bike from Christmas.  Of course they didn't realize that you don't typically have your hose hooked up in the winter because it's so cold, so they got to enjoy cleaning their bikes with toothbrushes.  Haha.

 Some of them had fun with it, some did not.  In the end we did hook up the hose and finish cleaning them off, but not after they learned a very important lesson about taking care of your stuff...and how mean Mom and Dad can be.  :)
 Tragon got a set of books for Christmas and has been at it non stop.  He read all 7 chapter books before school started again.  He is really getting to be an awesome reader.
 More pictures of the park.

 My little bubbletoes.  As the 5th child she didn't really get all the cute bath time pictures.
 Rylea got a new tricycle for Christmas.  She rode it all over the house the first several days.  The boys love it too.

 Tragon's favorite present was his BB-8 that Daddy picked out last minute.  He takes it everywhere.  Sometimes BB-8 even eats with us.  I love it!

 That picture really should be up with the Rylea bath picture.  They usually still take baths together.
 Morgan got to try out the Golf boards.

 More of the Millennium Falcon.
 Jaron finally got a Nerf Gun to keep up with his brothers.

 More park pictures.
We had a wonderful holiday.  Of course it was crazy and silly and we definitely had our moments that weren't super cheery, but overall it was great.  I love my family, my little one and my extended.  I'm looking forward to many more memories to make in 2017.  Until next time....

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