Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 1st - 15th

I guess we didn't really take a whole lot of pictures the first half of the month, so I can write about it in one post.

 Rylea girl was so sweet with Santa.  At first she wanted nothing to do with him, but then I told her she didn't get the treat unless she sat on Santa's lap, which she did and then said "You got beard, my papa has a beard, my daddy has a beard, but my mommy doesn't have a beard."  It was pretty adorable.
 And just now as I'm writing this she is looking at the picture and said "I love Santa Claus"

 This really is a great Santa Helper.  He comes to the work part every year and is so good with the kids.
 Morgan brought me home some beautiful flowers, just because.  :)

 Jaron wanted me to take a picture of his creation.  I love when they play together.

 We went to Kash and Harlee's Christmas Choir Concert.  I had to go solo, but the kids did awesome and I'm glad we went.  It was pretty neat.

 I made the boys some new piggy banks....we'll see how long these ones last.  :)  They will get them for Christmas.

Christmas is right around the corner.  It's been a good season so far.  We've tried to #LighttheWorld, but haven't always been consistent, but at least we are trying.  Until next time....

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