Friday, December 23, 2016

Decmber 16th - 23rd

 My oldest and my youngest.  :)

 It always feels like Christmas when we drive around and look at the Christmas lights.  There's now a city map that shows you where all the good houses are.  :)  It was really fun.

 For Christmas, my parents decided instead of buying gifts, they would treat us all with a day at the Las Vegas Children's Museum.  It was awesome and the kids had a blast!!!
 Jaron loved running around with Brittyn and doing whatever they wanted.

 Morgan was with the two of them pretty much the whole time.
 We did get a few puzzles in this season as well.  I got Damon to help me out with the dinosaur puzzle and Tragon helped me with a beach dog puzzle.  There is and always will be something very therapeutic about doing puzzles for me.
 The weather was fun in St. George and we got to go to the all abilities park one morning.  The kids loved that too and want to go back every day! :)
 More at the museum.

 Rylea loved the kitchen smoothie shop.  She probably could have stayed there for the whole time.

 Tragon and Sequoia were buddies this trip and stuck together like glue.  I love watched all the different friendships with all the different cousins.

 Rylea liked the Pirate ship a lot too, that's where we spent the last part of the day.

 We walked down to a little outdoor mall to grab some lunch while we were at the museum.  It was fun to be able to take a little break and then come back.

We sure love Grandma and Grandpa for giving us this wonderful memory.  I love that our kids are getting old enough to actually remember all these fun things that we do.  :)

Until next time....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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